Brick Choices

Colors - Because clay bricks are a natural material, made naturally in a kiln, each one has a unique character. This allows you to design a home with a very distinctive character. There are more than 800 different brick colors, from the lightest of whites and creams to the darkest browns and blacks and an unlimited opportunity to blend or accentuate. New generation colors offer a range of earth tones for a more subtle appearance.

Styles - There are many styles to choose from today. Standard exterior or face bricks have smooth surfaces, but there are many variations. Some brick are sand faced others have struck faces like a wirecut finish. Brick can be tumbled to give it the reclaimed look or be straight.

Sizes - Modular brick are the most common in our area and are nominally 3 5/8 x 2 1/4 x 7 5/8, Other sizes include Queen, which are taller and not as deep; Oversized (Engineered), which is taller and same depth as a modular brick. It is always best to look at samples and see the brick on a house to see what size you prefer.

Lets get started by choosing a color below......Note: Not all computer screens or printers will give a true representation of true color. And although brick for any structure should be picked from one of our showrooms, we hope our website will give you some general ideas and the products that we carry.