Design Benefits of Concrete Block

Choosing an infrastructure for your building can be a complex web of materials, costs and security concerns. Go with something that stands up to every element and is aesthetically pleasing – concrete block.

Concrete is durable, dependable, can withstand most natural disasters – earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes, floods – and can be customized for the residence or business.

Durable and Dependable

When choosing concrete masonry, you get a structure that will require less maintenance and repairs over time. You’ll get a structure that is built to last, and can be developed higher than three stories, unlike wooden structures.

Cost-effective: There typically is less maintenance required of a concrete structure. It can be less in terms of construction costs and can allow a taller structure, as concrete doesn’t have the same height restrictions as wooden structures.

Durable: Concrete is built to last a lifetime and can stand up to most natural disasters. Concrete block structures can withstand earthquakes, floods, fires, tornadoes, floods, and fires better than wooden structures.

Dependable: Concrete block structures can be mold resistant. It’s harder for pests to move in, and the structures hold up to fire and water better than other building materials.

Sound control: A concrete block structure can provide better acoustics. The soundproofing prevents noise from traveling unit to unit.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Concrete can leave a building looking smooth and sleek. Its coloring can play well with sunlight and make the structure warm and inviting.

Colors: ACME can create a custom color if it’s buff or grey doesn’t fit a residence or business need. Its specialists can help design an aesthetically pleasing structure that stands up to the elements and fits your needs.

Face structures: Whether you are looking for a smooth face structure or a split-block look, ACME can help design the structure of your choice.

  • Smooth-face block: The color variation here may happen because of how pigments are distributed throughout the material. It will give a distinct look.
  • Split-face block: This can change the texture of your structure in an aesthetically pleasing way. The smooth-face block can be interwoven with concrete masonry banding, which can alternate with clay brick applications.