Concrete Masonry Provides Safety

Safety is a main consideration when determining building materials for your residence or business.  A concrete block structure can offer a texturally interesting building that can withstand the natural elements and is resistant to forces such as pests, mold and more.

The very material of concrete makes it more durable to withstand natural disasters, such as floods and earthquakes. It can withstand fire longer than other building materials, such as wood and steel.

Wooden structures can only withstand fire for up to an hour; concrete can stand up to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit for up to four hours – enough time to get help to a structure.

Concrete won’t bend or warp like steel can in high heat. Concrete barriers hold up better in multi-residential structures, costing less and being more fire resistant than wood and drywall.

Knowing a structure is secure can give builders, contractors and inhabitants peace of mind.

Case study: Concrete vs. Wood

A case study conducted by the Southeast Concrete Masonry Association compared structures built by concrete block, wood and light steel framing.

It examined efficiency and safety of the structures when disaster strikes, such as a fire to a multi-residential apartment building.

While concrete can cost a little more per square foot than wooden frames but can save you money in insurance over the long run. The structure is more secure, leading to fewer claims over time.

Resiliency to elements

The very material that comprises concrete masonry structures is resilient to many outside elements. Concrete block structures can last up to 100 years.

  • Natural disasters
    • Concrete can withstand high heat of fires, and resistant to natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and high winds.
  • Pests
    • Termites can’t eat through concrete structures, preventing damage and making the structure resistant to attracting other pests into the home.
  • Mold
    • Concrete is resistant to moisture damage that can cause mold and other fungus growth and prevent health issues.

Energy efficient

Concrete takes a long time to heat or cool, and its thermal mass traps hot and cool temperatures for longer. It also prevents drafts. These measures help keep utility bills down and make for a more green-friendly structure.

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