Belgard Porcelain Pavers

Known for their authentic interpretations of natural stone and wood surfaces, porcelain pavers are a durable yet stylish choice for contemporary outdoor living spaces as well as walkways and driveways. Easy to install, porcelain pavers can be dry laid over grass, gravel, dirt, or sand without grout or adhesives. They can also be placed over concrete patios and driveways – a cost saver since original foundations won’t need to be destroyed.


Available in an array of colors, surfaces, and sizes, GLOCAL pavers easily accommodate most design needs. Neutral gray shading blends seamlessly with pavers from other collections, making GLOCAL a versatile member of the team. GLOCAL pavers also feature a smooth, concrete-like finish.

Belgard® Hardscapes,
Belgard® Hardscapes,


The rich tones of Noon pavers evoke a warm, woodland vibe – elevating your status from “Homeowner” to “Homeowner with an innate sense of style and adventure.” Infused with the soothing colors of embers, honey, or daylight, Noon pavers provide a natural-looking link between forest backdrops and your outdoor living spaces.

Quarziti 2.0

Quarziti 2.0 pavers are marked by their natural authenticity, the result of a gentle shading effect that creates realistic and diverse surfaces – which would have been the byproduct of wind, weather and rain if Mother Nature had been involved. A swath of colors and a slew of modular shapes easily bring your vision to life, whether you’re creating a life-size chessboard by the pool or recalling the calm allure of ancient Roman baths.

Belgard® Hardscapes,
Belgard® Hardscapes,


Processed on both sides, Unico porcelain pavers are a functional and stylish complement to outdoor pools – whether they’re installed as a step or as poolside coping. Edges are either bullnose  and rounded, or straight, allowing a variety of design options. A broad palette of colors is available too.

Considering enhancements to walkways, driveways, and gathering spaces outside your southeastern Tennessee home? ACME Block & Brick supplies Belgard Porcelain Pavers for projects across the region.