Retaining Walls

A Retaining Wall Can Turn Your Dream to a Reality

Retaining walls have many uses in landscaping as they can be used to section off outdoor spaces such as patios, used to create planting boxes or areas, or even to make smaller retaining walls to section off unlevel terrains.

It is this exact versatility that makes retaining walls so desirable to so many different architects.

ACME carries many types of wall products to fit whatever style suits you the best.

Check out some of the great brands we offer below.



GravityStone is great for structural purposes such as creating fences, double-sided walls, freestanding walls, and much more. With the options GravityStone provides, there will always be an option that fulfills your needs.

GravityStone Structural Systems

GravityStone offers 2 different types of structural systems — Tradition Core and Tradition Modular. Tradition Core helps to create durable retaining walls that can be built in a wide variety of ways. Tradition Modular helps to simplify things by being cost-effective, minimizing excavation, simplifying construction, and eliminating structural and construction challenges.

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Belgard Walls


Belgard walls can be utilized in a variety of ways for landscaping, patio, and many other different kinds of projects. Whether you are using these walls for structural reasons or for more creative ideas, Belgard walls could be the right choice for you.

Colors & Textures

Not only are Belgard walls flexible in use, but they also provide many different colors to align with almost any color scheme. Also, these walls come in many different kinds of textures, so regardless of your architectural approach, there is a look to complement it.

Unilock Walls


Not only are these retaining walls beautiful, but they can also help any architect achieve their design goals. These walls are great for almost any project imaginable including your dream patio, outdoor kitchen, and much more.

Exceptional Quality

Unilock provides retaining walls that don’t just look great for the first few years. Rather, these products are durable in terms of their functionality and stylistically speaking to ultimately last a lifetime. In addition to this, Unilock offers unique textures to fit your architectural style.

Make sure to check out our idea gallery to gather some inspiration for your next landscaping project!