Build With Block, Get Better Home Insurance Rates

Whether you’re a homeowner, contractor, or building professional, deciding on the right material for your project is key.   It’s no secret that the cost of lumber has skyrocketed, and now you may be looking for an alternative to wood-frame construction that keeps your project within budget.

Blocks Build Affordably

Concrete masonry units, or concrete block, is a great alternative to wood-frame construction.  Block is resilient, high-performance, and attractive.  With concrete block, your project can stay on budget because the material 5-6% cheaper than traditional framing and it can save you up to 50% on your insurance costs!

Blocks Build Safely

Concrete block provides practical defense from many risks builders and homeowners may face.  Insurance cost studies in Charlotte & Atlanta found that concrete masonry units offer protective benefits such as:

  • Resistance to extreme weather conditions
    • Resistance to mold growth & rot
    • Minimal damage caused by fire and water in the event of a building fire
    • Termite & Pest resistant

Because concrete block performs so well at protecting both builders and homeowners, these studies found that Builders Risk insurance could be as much as 50% less while Property Insurance could be up to 3 times cheaper.

Blocks Build Beautifully

Not only does concrete masonry keep you safe and save on insurance costs, it’s also customizable and appealing.  At Acme Block and Brick, we manufacture many different types of concrete masonry to suit any project.  Let us help you save on your building project!  Contact us today for your quote on concrete block.