Residential and Commercial Brick

At ACME Block and Brick, we specialize in helping you select the perfect color and style of brick to make your project stand out as your own. We can also assist in matching brick to an older project or repair.

Colors – Everyone knows the standard red brick but we have hundreds of colors combinations to choose from various brick manufacturers. We offer bricks from the lightest of whites to the darkest browns and everything in between even black.

Styles – Bricks also come in various different styles. Which include different facing looks such as smooth surface, sand faced, or a wire cut face. Bricks can also be tumbled to give it more of a reclaimed look.

Sizes – There are several sizes of bricks Modular being the most common. However, they also come in other sizes like Queen which are taller than and not as deep as modular bricks and Oversized which are taller than but the same depth as modular bricks.

It is always best to see samples and see the brick on a house if possible to determine what color, style, and size you prefer. Give us a call and one of our brick specialists can show you what we offer, provide samples, and help you make a brick selection you will love.