Stone Veneers

Manufactured Stone

Maufactured stone veneers are man made stone pieces that come in a wide variety of styles such as Ledgestone, Stack, and Rubble. Each Style comes in many different colors. Manufactured stones are used to give any project from home accents to fireplaces a natural stone look.

Cultured Stone

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North Georgia Stone Products

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Casa di Sassi

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Thin Brick

Thin Brick are real brick but they have been made as a thin layer so they can be applied to an existing structure to make it appear as though it was made from brick. Most of our brick manufacturers make this version of their brick.

Concrete Veneers

Concrete veneers are made in many different shapes, sizes and colors. Concrete veneers are installed on the outside of existing structures as accents or to enhance the entire look of the building. They are made with ease of installation in mind and are generally the same thickness as brick so you can combine the two to create a classic and timeless masonry look.

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