4 Stone Veneer Trends You Should Be Following

Unilock Veneer

Manufactured stone veneers have been popular exterior accents on homes for years. And why not? They’re lightweight yet durable and come in a wide variety of styles that add unique personality to your home’s design. In 2023, you will find these DIY-friendly stone veneers throughout the inside of homes too. Here are some of our […]

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A Simple Guide to Planning Your Perfect Patio

Unilock Patio

Winter’s chill may be creeping in, but spring will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start planning your new patio space, whether it be made with patio pavers, brick, or patio stones. Get construction started so it’s ready for use as soon as the weather warms up again. Here are […]

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How Concrete Block Delivers Homes with High Quality and Design

Concrete Retaining Wall

Did you know that concrete masonry units (CMUs) can be used for more than just your home’s foundation? If you’re thinking about building your own home, or if you’re a contractor working with a client, one of the first construction decisions you’ll need to make is what sort of wall system to choose. You’ve likely […]

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Spotlight on New Jamestown, TN Location

Brick Yard from Above

Acme Block & Brick is growing! To better serve our customers in the Eastern Tennessee region, we’ve opened a new location in Jamestown, TN—our 8th since first opening our doors. Acme Block & Brick was founded on delivering the highest quality products and services. Over the years, we’ve prided ourselves on consistently offering a wide […]

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How to Build a Paver Fire Pit That’s Easy and Affordable

Fire pit

It’s the time of year for crisp weather, cozy sweaters, and toasty apple cider. What better time than to curl up by a fire and enjoy the charms of the season? With an outdoor fire pit, you can enjoy the natural beauty of autumn and the inviting warmth of a fire—the best of both worlds! […]

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Different Types of Concrete Blocks—How To Tell Them Apart

Concrete block

You may know that concrete masonry units (CMUs for short) are durable, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient, but did you know how versatile shapes and sizes they are produced in? It’s true, there are several different types of concrete block created to suit specific needs. It’s just one more reason to consider this high-quality building […]

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3 Great Reasons to Install a Paver Patio

Take your home’s outdoor space to the next level with a paver patio. What’s a paver patio? It’s a stone outdoor living surface created from small paver pieces that fit together similar to tile. Pavers come in a wide range of materials, shapes and sizes, and you can create a beautiful outdoor space that’s durable […]

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Permeable Pavers

Like standard pavers, permeable pavers provide a stylish and durable surface for your outdoor spaces. The main difference is that permeable pavers have an open design that allows water to absorb through them and into the ground below. How a Permeable Paver Works Patios, walkways, and driveways made from permeable pavers can become part of […]

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4 Great Reasons to Build with Brick

Brick has a reputation for being a smart investment, but is it true? In short, yes! There’s a reason bricks have been a valued building material for thousands of years: they’re classic, durable, and versatile. Here are four reasons why you can feel confident choosing brick for your next project. 1. Bricks Are Durable Well-made […]

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3 Ways to Make Your Retaining Wall Stand Out from the Rest

When done right, retaining walls can be as functional as they are beautiful. Retaining walls are especially useful in hilly areas like Eastern Tennessee, because they can turn unsightly, erosion-prone slopes into eye-catching centerpieces. They key to a stand-out retaining wall starts with some upfront planning. Here are three tips that will help you design […]

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