Like standard pavers, permeable pavers provide a stylish and durable surface for your outdoor spaces. The main difference is that permeable pavers have an open design that allows water to absorb through them and into the ground below.

How a Permeable Paver Works

Patios, walkways, and driveways made from permeable pavers can become part of the stormwater management plan for your property. Imagine not having to worry about the impact of heavy rain or melting snow after a big storm.

Water won’t puddle on these surfaces, and you won’t have to deal with runoff issues. These pavers allow water to slowly and naturally drain into the ground beneath them.

Permeable pavers have either a lattice-like design or wider seams between the pieces filled with gravel or a groundcover-like grass. They also have a deeper all-gravel base instead of a mix of sand and gravel, which helps water move back into the ground without contributing to runoff or flooding issues in your neighborhood.

Why Choose a Permeable Paver

Permeable pavers are environmentally friendly and especially recommended for areas that slope toward a house or other structure or areas with known drainage areas.

They are tough and built to last, like standard pavers, and need little maintenance over time.

There are hundreds of styles of permeable pavers available, and the Acme Block & Brick experts can help you discover a look that meets your aesthetic and budget.

No matter the material, these surfaces are compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. They can also help property owners meet local zoning ordinances that protect against stormwater runoff.

Plus, permeable pavers are cost-effective over time and can cost the same as other paving methods.

Explore the Possibilities

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