4 Stone Veneer Trends You Should Be Following

Manufactured stone veneers have been popular exterior accents on homes for years. And why not? They’re lightweight yet durable and come in a wide variety of styles that add unique personality to your home’s design.

In 2023, you will find these DIY-friendly stone veneers throughout the inside of homes too. Here are some of our favorite new trends.

A Pop of Color

Paint color schemes in grays and tans will continue to be popular throughout the home in 2023. Add an unexpected texture or a pop of color from nature with stone veneer — perhaps as a fireplace covering or kitchen backsplash. Or go even bolder with a cultured stone accent wall. With hundreds of styles and colors available, you’re sure to find a veneer style that adds that perfect complement to your personal style.


If your aesthetic is rustic or romantic, add a stone veneer fireplace or archway featuring an overgrouted mortar joint technique. Choose a classic stone veneer, then apply the mortar liberally. Instead of neatly grouting between stones, you will overfill the joints, smoothing the mortar onto the edges of the stones for an Old World effect.

Modern and Thin

If you like clean lines and a more modern vibe, check out the sleek and simple look of thin stone veneer. With each piece about an inch thick, thin stone veneer can be installed on nearly any surface, from metal to drywall to concrete. Bring a natural element — stone, brick, or marble — as an eclectic accent to your modern style.

A Bathroom Spa

In nature, no two stones look exactly alike. The same is true for culture stone and stone veneers. Turn your primary bathroom into a true oasis by mimicking nature and adding a stone accent wall or backsplash behind your sinks or soaking tub. This added texture and warmth will help soothe your senses as you look to unwind from a long day.

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