A Simple Guide to Planning Your Perfect Patio

Winter’s chill may be creeping in, but spring will be here before you know it. Now is the time to start planning your new patio space, whether it be made with patio pavers, brick, or patio stones. Get construction started so it’s ready for use as soon as the weather warms up again.

Here are some tips to get you started.

Focus on the Basics

Decide where you want your new patio space to be. Is it next to the house or farther out in the yard?

Think about how much space you need. Will you be entertaining a large group of family and friends? What type of furniture or cooking area do you want to accommodate? It’s always better to go a little larger than you estimate.

Key Questions

Now that you have a vision, it’s time to get practical. Decide if you can do the work yourself or if you need to hire a professional. Set a budget for materials and work.

Do some research into any regulations your locality or your homeowner’s association has on things such as fencing, drainage, and permits.

Make a Plan

Patios are diverse and can have many visual elements to make them your own outdoor oasis.

Patios can be designed as round, square, or any unique shape that best fits the existing space. Sketch your vision out on paper.

Choose Your Materials

Pick a material that best suits your needs and that will blend in well with your home’s existing aesthetic.

ACME offers a wide variety of patio pavers, brick, and patio stones that are stylish, durable, and cost-effective. Patio materials come in hundreds of textures and colors. Plus, choose from standard pavers or permeable pavers that help with stormwater drainage.

Consider whether you need decorative walls or stairs to maximize the space.

Add amenities such as fireplaces or fire pits, outdoor seating areas, and outdoor kitchens or grill areas.

And don’t forget about landscaping. From trees to ground cover, plants and garden areas will only add to the magic of your new space.

Contact Us

If you need ideas, ACME is here to help. Check out our hardscapes gallery for inspiration. And then contact us with questions or to get started turning your patio plans into a reality.