Enjoy An Outdoor Living Space Year-Round with A Firepit or Fireplace

Nothing makes an outdoor living space more enjoyable than a well-designed firepit or fireplace. A firepit or fireplace is the focal point around which life happens on a patio or in a backyard. At Acme Block & Brick, our experts assist homeowners from initial design discussion through completion of a wonderful outdoor living space.

When building or upgrading a fire pit for maximum coziness, homeowners and do-it-yourselfers have modern materials and design practices available to create a special outdoor living space.

Firepit or fireplace

Fire is fire, right? Who cares how it’s contained?

The fire might be the same, but firepits and fireplaces serve different needs.

A firepit is an open burning structure. Most firepits have 360-degree access. That means more space around it for friends and family. They excel at warming an area. Most firepits have low profiles.

A fireplace is a larger structure with a chimney. Many are functional works of art that homeowners and their guests can enjoy for heat and for cooking. They fit better to one side of an outdoor living space.

Other options include firewalls that elegantly separate spaces and dedicated wood-fired ovens.

Choose the right stone

After deciding firepit or fireplace, the next step is choosing the right stone. Most people prefer a custom-built, stone firepit or fireplace.

The best firepits and fireplaces are made from concrete stone pavers or bricks. By choosing the right stones and colors, homeowners can make sure that the final product matches their vision for their outdoor living space and that it complements any existing stonework.

Fueling a fire pit or fireplace

Wood, propane and natural gas are the most common fuel sources for fire pits and fireplaces.

Wood fires are the most traditional. They crackle and pop. There’s the woody smell of the smoke. And who doesn’t enjoy poking around at the logs? But wood also requires acquiring logs, keeping them dry and disposing of ash.

Propane fires are an excellent choice for people who enjoy a clean, modern look to their firepit. A propane fire typically will ignite instantly. Homeowners who don’t want to run out of fuel unexpectedly should keep an extra tank on hand.

Natural gas works the same as propane, lighting quickly and burning cleanly. Its primary limitation is whether a homeowner has gas service and can easily connect it to the outdoor living space.

Enjoy a fire year-round

A lot of people think of sitting around the fire as only a summertime activity. Summer is the perfect time to roast marshmallows, cook dinner over a fire or just enjoy the twilight while the fireflies come out. But a fire pit or fireplace can make outdoor living enjoyable in spring, fall and even winter. It provides warmth and light when the temperature drops and the sun sets earlier.

A well-designed firepit or fireplace makes a patio or other outdoor living space functional and beautiful year-round.